Thinning your wallet for comfort and convenience

If you’re like many men, your wallet has been making a divot in your backside for a while if you haven’t decided to use a front pocket.  I’ve gone through a few iterations, but this time I took the advice of a friend and tried the all-ett wallet.  It’s billed as the world’s thinnest wallet, and it really does deliver.

There are several versions available, and I chose the inside ID wallet in nylon.  It goes for $19.95.  They also have a leather version,  and there are actually a bunch of different formats including some passport wallets.

Ok, first of all some proof that it’s thin:

Thickness ranged from .060″ – .121″

Yes, I actually own a digital caliper.  Rather handy when you’re checking out the manufacturer claims that the wallet is just 1/8″ thick.  They were spot-on.  More measurements are shown below.

By comparison, my old wallet was about 0.500″ thick even when empty.

It isn’t just the stuff inside that makes this wallet thick

I’m already liking the new wallet.  Some have mentioned that it can sound crinkly, but that goes away pretty quickly.  It should also be obvious that I needed a new wallet anyway.

Guess which one has all of my stuff in it — that’s right, the full all-ett is thinner than the empty old wallet.

As you can see, the format of the all-ett is thin, but a bit wider than my tri-fold.  If you’re looking for thin, a bi-fold is a good place to start.

And some inside views of the wallets, for comparison.

My old walled did have more pockets
I was able to fit all of my cards in this new format


  • New All-ett empty        ~0.10″ (ranging from .060 – .121″)
  • Old Wallet full              ~0.8″ (.742 – .865)
  • Stuff from wallet           0.360″
  • Old wallet empty          ~0.500″ (.439″ – .526″)
  • New all-ett full             ~.420″ (up to .444″)

Well, the all-ett holds all of my stuff and is still thinner than my old wallet is empty.  That makes it a pretty clear winner.  It’s a lot more comfortable in my back pocket, and I’ve had no trouble holding cards, pulling it out, and using it regularly.  I’m a fan.

If you want to go for the advanced method, you can get two of the smallest ones (“The World’s Thinnest Card Case”) for $6.95 each and distribute the load in each of your two back pockets.  No more uncomfortable spine from leaning to the side due to your wallet!

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