Star Wars Pocketmodels are fun

Ok, this is hardly a project since most of the work has already been done by others.  These are, however, very fun and cheap as well.  I’m talking about the Star Wars Pocketmodels from Wizkids.  I’m late to the game – these were discontinued a few years ago.  However, Target and Amazon (not to mention eBay and other sources) are now unloading them cheap.  You can get the Ground Assault packs (2 model cards, dice and playing cards) for $1 at Target.  You can also pick up the classic ones (from the original trilogy) to get the ships.  I also opted to get an X-Wing pack from eBay because I was particularly interested in having an X-Wing.  There are several series, so poke around to find the right one if you are looking for something specific.

Here is what a model card looks like:

And, once you punch out the pieces and put them together they look like this:

I actually don’t care about the game, I just like putting the models together and putting them on my desk.  I appreciate the quality engineering that went into them.  The pieces snap out easily, they snap together as they should, and they look sharp.  They’re so much better than the tissue paper and balsa wood model plane that I broke and never finished as a kid.

Also, if for some reason you don’t have the instructions, they’re all online.  The community keeps these alive.

On another note, I gave a few of these to children of friends and they were entertained for hours thinking these were the coolest things ever.

I’m going to pick up more next time I see them.  They may not have been a good deal at $4/pack, but at $1/pack they’re a no-brainer.

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