Android Alternate Market Review – Synapsy

synapsy-logo-api-betaSynapsy is another app market that looked interesting, but as you’ll see in this quick review it didn’t make the grade.

Generally, I am a fan of aggregators – the more app stores you bring into one interface, the more reach you can get from a single deployment of your app.  This store sent a direct email to the address on file for my apps on Google Play, and a decided to take a look. Continue reading

A Dose of Realism – The Android Outlands

Ok, folks, just a quick opinion piece heredunes. I hope I lay down a balanced look at Android app markets – I find some to be worthwhile, and others not so much. I’ve reviewed quite a few in my Android Market Alternatives Report, and I’m always looking for new ones to add to my recommended list.

The harsh truth, however, is that outside the shiny center of the Android universe lies vast outlands, with empty app stores that have few customers and few downloads.  Some of these app stores make a great sales pitch, and some are connected to some giant and successful companies.  This makes it hard to navigate (and is one of the big reasons I keep reviewing app stores on this site). Continue reading

Android Developer Tool – Apkudo Developer

apkudo_logoA few weeks ago, I had the chance to talk to Josh Matthews, the CEO of Apkudo.  I’ve seen Apkudo at the AnDevCon conferences, but until recently their free app testing service was in a limited beta.  No more!  Now that Apkudo Developer is available to all, I think this is a great time to talk about it.  This free tool lets you test your app on 247 different Android devices (currently), with a minimum of effort. Continue reading

Android App Market News and Android Market Alternatives Report Update

Android UpdatesThe world of Android app markets is always in motion – app stores closing, new ones opening, and changes to existing app stores. I rounded up a few recent changes to share with you here.

I also took the opportunity to update the Android Market Alternatives Report (part of the Advanced Package in the Android Income Series) with all of this information.

App Store Updates Continue reading

Android Ad Network Review – AdColony

AdColonyI primarily use banner ads in my Android apps.  They are typically unobtrusive and do not generate a lot of consumer backlash.  However, I continue to investigate other types of ads that might be able to engage users (and increase the money I can earn from my apps).  AdColony looked promising, but read on for a few reasons that it is not a good fit for my needs. Continue reading