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Top in Paid Android AppsHere are a few ideas to consider when a name for your next Android application.  When you have a paid app and a free app, you want the name of the paid app to convey additional value.  It’s all part of a consistent effort to create a positive impression.

As I cover in the Powerstart Guide, having a successful app involves much more than writing some code and uploading it.  The first things a potential user will see are likely either the name, the icon, or the promo image.  This post focuses on the name.

What name to choose, though?  Not everyone perceives each word the same way.

I looked through the top 200 paid apps on the Android Market this week, and was surprised by some statistics.  Note that this isn’t a comprehensive survey or any kind of scientific test.  It was, however, good enough to convince me to keep the name I had chosen (Pumpkin Carver Pro).

One more disclaimer – I’m not implying any causation.  These apps are likely in the top 200 because they’re good, not just because of their names.  All the same, this is just one more element to consider when watching winning apps for inspiration.

Also note that AppBrain has an entirely different set of statistics that might be of use to you.

Some names are specific to the capabilities of your Android app

First off, a few names that I excluded because they don’t apply to my app:

  • Ad-Free – My paid app does more than just remove ads
  • Donation – I’m not asking for donations for my generosity, I’m selling an upgraded product
  • HD – This version isn’t high-definition
  • Unlocker – My licensing model isn’t to use an unlock key
  • ‘XXX’ Edition – This is my first edition, so no need for this moniker
  • Full – This would apply more to games or demos

Names of Top Android Apps

So what names did I find:

  • Pro – 23
  • Premium – 4
  • Ultimate – 2
  • Elite – 1
  • Plus – 1
  • Advanced – 1

And a few I didn’t see at all but thought I might:

  • Deluxe
  • Gold
  • Super

What to name yours?

You probably can’t go wrong with adding ‘pro’ if your app justifies it.  It’s short, and people are familiar with it.  However, don’t make your choice entirely based on the numbers.   You want to consider the expected user base of your app (something I cover in the Powerstart Guide) and understand what they’re looking for.

Do you have any other thoughts on choosing a good name for an Android app?  Post them below!

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