Halloween Projects

I’ve been busy with Halloween projects and other pursuits, so no posts recently.

I made my version of this chainsaw for my Ash costume.  Mine was a little less realistic, but was fun to make.  I even put a fan inside the starter guard to cool off my hand.  Instead of buying one of those voice recorder chips from Radio Shack (or ripping one out of a greeting card) I just decided to use my old micro cassette voice recorder to replay some chainsaw sounds I harvested from my Left 4 Dead on my computer.
[Pics to come]

[2014: Ok, I should really post some pics now that Bruce Campbell signed the chainsaw…]

I also got a cheap shotgun toy from Dollar General that this post [link expired] clued me into.  I had actually just been to Dollar General but hadn’t seen the gun because it was on the top shelf.  My plan was to modify it to add a real wood stock, but I think I’ll cancel that in favor of polishing the rest of the costume.  The back holster (scabbard) has enough trouble sitting right with the toy gun in it.

I need to get working on my ground fogger attachment for my fog machine.  Lots of other possibilities that I don’t have time to work on.

Halloween can eat up hundreds of hours of time creating awesome gadgets and crafts for the season if you let it…

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