Halloween Income Special Report is out


A lot of people ask about seeing real revenue numbers, and I understand why. Seeing the actual amounts takes it from theory to real, measurable data.

It took a little longer than I expected to get it out, but I think you’ll like this special report.

I show exactly how much the app made from sales, ads, and in-app purchases (IAP).  I compare daily download counts as well as IAP conversion rates, and the end result is some very useful information to help me (and you) make decisions for future apps.

Subscribers to my mailing list should already have it, and if you aren’t a subscriber yet, just sign up now and you’ll get the report too!

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About ProjectJourneyman

I am a software engineer that escaped the cubicle world at a large company to go solo with Android app development. My attention to detail and quality applies both to my apps and to my research on how to make money with Android. Now that I have the freedom to work on my own projects, I am documenting my efforts in the hopes that it will help other current or aspiring independent Android developers get the income they desire.

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