Asset Reference Chart for Deploying Your Android App

Android App Market AssetsHere’s a preview for those of you reading this blog.  I’ve been developing a reference chart showing what assets are needed when deploying your Android app to various app markets.  For example, the Amazon Appstore expects different icon image sizes than the Android Market.  Actually, every app market expects a different size.

While this isn’t a huge amount of work when you have one app and two app markets, what happens when your Android app collection includes a dozen apps on a dozen app markets?  It can get to be a bit or work to keep it all straight.

The time it takes to deploy new apps as well as app updates starts to grow if you’re not careful.  When you update screenshots, did you get all of the right sizes?  Is your new promo video the right size for the different places you want to show it?

To keep it all straight, I created the Asset Matrix and started jamming as much info as I could into it so I can keep all of the markets straight.  Now I can just look up what I need and create all of the icon images at once.  I can also verify that I have everything I need before deploying.

I’m not done with the entire chart, but I have finished it for my favorite Android markets that I have put my paid app into.  Just sign up for the BrainCast and you’ll get a preview copy before I release it to the world.

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Check it out and let me know what you think.

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