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Android MarketQuick update – Google just released some updates to the Android Developer Console.  This might be if interest to you, particularly if you’ve been wondering why the Developer Console hasn’t been updating any of your stats for your apps lately.

The developer blog for the Google guys responsible for the Android Market shows this post about the new feature they just added.  I find this relevant to the missing updates on the download stats because the last time this happened, we got the new Statistics feature.  I found the statistics feature immensely useful.

Android Market Merchant SalesThis new report is a .csv file showing a lot of data about each of your app purchases (taken from Google Checkout), separated by month.  This could be useful as you are analyzing when and where people are buying your apps, so you can find out how to make more sales and increase your revenue.  Of course, I personally use Appmonger to track this directly from my Droid right now.

I’m not sure about the market report yet, but it’s still neat to get more features.  I’m glad the arms race continues between the app markets.  App developers like us are the winners.

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