Android Income Toolbox

Here are a few resources to get you started earning money on your Android app or game.  This page will continue to grow – I’ll keep adding links as I review different types of resources.

Note that code or development related resources are largely left off of this page, unless they are related to revenue from Android apps.

Be sure to click through the tabs to see all of the resources.

Android App Markets (where to sell)

Android Market Alternatives ReportGoogle Play isn’t the only market for Android apps.  The Android Market Alternatives report contains the research seen in my various market reviews, as well as analysis and recommendations on those and over 30 other markets for Android apps and games.  See the evaluation criteria to see how these evaluations are performed, and what things are measured and checked.

Read more about the Android Market Alternatives report here, and find out how you can get your copy.

Ad Income Sources

Just out!  Take a look at the Android Ad Network Primer for a crash course in choosing and setting up ad networks – it covers all of these ad networks (and many more).  You can find it on on Kindle, Amazon, and Nook.

  • Admob – The big name.  Everyone knows about them.  While they don’t always provide the highest revenue, they do pay on time and are well polished.  Read here or here for some comparisons with Admob.
  • LeadBolt – With high eCPM for banners, in my experience, LeadBolt is a good network to investigate.  It doesn’t hurt that they pay Net-15, the fastest payout of any ad network I’ve used.  See my review of LeadBolt.
  • MobClixNOTE: the MobClix platform is now run by Axonix (which is also now defunct): This ad mediator gets ads from different networks, which can result in a higher fill rate as well as higher CPC than Admob.  Check out here and here for my MobClix reviews.  Also read up about setting up custom ads in MobClix. MobClix currently supports quite a number of ad networks.
  • MobFox – This ad network shows a lot of promise.  They specialize in very high CPC ads in Europe, but they also have some great features like Backfill and eCPMControl.  I suggest you sign up now and investigate the eCMPControl feature.  While the AdMob backfill is no longer an option, MobFox still lets you display house ads or use InMobi when MobFox itself doesn’t have high enough paying ads for you.
  • InMobi – I wasn’t particularly satisfied with their fill rate, but your results may differ.
  • Amobee – This one is more difficult to use, and didn’t provide good results for me.  See this review for more information.
  • Swappit –  Not really an ad network, this company lets you  trade your ad impressions for ads in other developers’ apps, helping you expand your reach (without paying).

Where to find help – contractors

You can’t do everything yourself, so it’s good to have a source for help.  Here are some resources that can help you finish your app.

Icon Design and other Graphic Work

If you are looking for reasonably-priced but high quality graphic work or to make an icon for your app (from a designer who has experience with Android), check out Spiderfly Studios.  I used them for the redesign of the icon for Droid Secret Tips, and the improvement was immediately seen in my Amazon Appstore download count.

You can also find dozens if not hundreds of graphic designers on oDesk, Freelancer and eLance.


Good writers can make your description stand out and get more downloads for your app.  If writing isn’t where you want to spend your time, look for writers on oDesk, Freelancer, and eLance.

Website Hosting (for your web presence)

You can start small (and free) with hosted blogs.  However, to get full control over your web presence and get the maximum impact for your business and your app promotion, you’ll need your own hosting.  I use HostGator for my pages, and have had good experiences with their value options.

Tying it all together

For a more complete set of resources to get you started, the Android Income Powerstart Guide ties everything together and gives guidance from how to get started through the steps to deploy to the Android Market, and then moves on to advanced techniques to earn more from your Android app.

Read here for more information on the Android Income Powerstart Guide.

Your favorite tools?

If you have a favorite resource for making money with your Android app or game, please share it with me at