Android Income Quickstart Guide

UPDATE: the Android Income Quickstart Guide is temporarily unavailable, while I work on a new version.  All of the content (and much more) is in the Android Income Powerstart Guide, however.  Take a look at it now!

We know that billions are spent on mobile advertising every year, but getting your share can be tricky.  If you’re trying to get ads inserted into your Android app, or are even just puzzling over the Android app release steps, you just found the easy button.

I have now released the latest in the Android Income Series, the Android Income Quickstart Guide.  I think this guide shows one of the fastest and easiest ways to start earning money from your Android app or game.  Also, it’s completely free.

This guide is aimed at the beginning – earning the first dollar from Android apps.  The first dollar is the hardest, and this guide is intended to get you past that hurdle.

If you’ve been working on an Android app and want to make money from it, or even if you just have an idea that you think would be good, this guide will help get you prepared to start earning money with your app.

Take a shortcut to making money with Android

Ladder to Android Income

Shortcut past the unnecessary tasks and get to earning money faster with the right advice.

This guide has detailed instructions to get you started quickly, and is packed with tools in case you need more help.   It will help you shortcut that gap between building your app and starting to make money from it.

Don’t feel intimidated by the competition from established app publishers – there’s plenty of room for independent developers in the Android Market.  The most important step is getting started.

Get the knowledge you need to start earning with your Android app

This guide covers topics such as:

  • Deciding on a revenue model
  • Which ad networks to start with (e.g. Admob and MobFox)
  • Creating accounts with ad networks and inserting the ads into your app
  • Creating your icon and other graphical assets
  • Testing
  • Creating your Android developer account
  • Submitting your app to the Android Market
  • Starting to earn revenue from your app

Plus, the huge resources section will help you with things such as:

  • Getting help with programming problems
  • Finding help with graphics design, writing ad copy, and anything else
  • Which accounts you should set up
  • Getting Android devices to test with
  • How to get more exposure

Currently Unavailable

Sorry, the Android Income Quickstart Guide is currently unavailable.  All is not lost, however!  All of the content (and much more) is in the Android Income Powerstart Guide.  Take a look at the guide now!

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