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Amazon Appstore for AndroidAnother quick news item for anyone close to releasing an Android app.  The Amazon Appstore has announced that they’re running a promotion with AppStoreHQ.

Update: AppStoreHQ seems to be defunct, and has disappeared.

They’ll select five apps out of all apps that get released on the Amazon Appstore before July 22nd, 2011.  These apps will get showcased on the AppStoreHQ website, which should get a lot of visibility and traffic for those apps.

I find this interesting, as AppStoreHQ has been a market browser tied to the Android Market.  I suspect that this operation might signal that they are switching over to use the Amazon Appstore instead.  That’s likely good, as there are a number of browsers for the Android Market, but no third party browsers for Amazon.

You actually don’t have to do anything difficult to get into this promotion.  You just need to release a new app.  If you don’t have any apps up there yet, you can read my review of the Amazon Appstore here.

You can read the announcement from Amazon here.

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