Ad network updates – Samsung and Amazon

Some quick news on ad networks for your Android apps:


Samsung AdHub

Samsung AdHub is closing down in June 2015.  This one was never a big hit for me – I tested it out on one app and decided it wasn’t worth the hassle.  Now, I’ll have to re-release my app to remove their SDK and re-route traffic back to my other networks.

Actually, I always had Admob as a fallback because AdHub only had ~37% fill rate for me.  All told, I made about $7 with an eCPM of $0.67.  Not good enough stats to encourage me to send more traffic even if they weren’t shutting down (I had actually forgotten about them until I got the closure email).

Note that the Samsung App store (see my review here) is still a fine store and I still have my apps there.


Amazon App Advertising

Amazon is ramping up their mobile ads game with their “Advertise your App with Amazon” service, which has an advantage over other display ads in that it can display directly on Kindle Fire lock screens.  That’s great for driving traffic to an app on Amazon (and it won’t show on non-Amazon devices).

They hype that Amazon gamers are more likely to spend money.  In my experience Amazon is actually pretty good at getting people to open their wallets, so purchase rates are much higher (even if total user counts are lower).

If you’re on the Amazon Appstore, this may be a worthwhile avenue to explore to see if the cost-per-user acquisition cost is more effective than elsewhere.

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