A note about scheduling

Several weeks later, I still haven’t cut the legs on my desk.  And now I’ll need to clear some space in the garage.  However, as I’ve been spending much more time at my home office, the extra height is really becoming noticeable and uncomfortable.    As usual, the myriad of projects on my plate all compete for my time and it’s hard to get anything done.  This one is important though!  Hopefully I’ll have a better status report soon, rather than suffering the consequences of not completing the projects related to comfort and safety!

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I am a software engineer that escaped the cubicle world at a large company to go solo with Android app development. My attention to detail and quality applies both to my apps and to my research on how to make money with Android. Now that I have the freedom to work on my own projects, I am documenting my efforts in the hopes that it will help other current or aspiring independent Android developers get the income they desire.

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